Watch: Anine Bing in London

ORDRE meets Danish-born fashion designer and influencer, Anine Bing, on the opening of her brand’s first stand-alone store in London's Mayfair.

This week, LA-based design house, Anine Bing opened its first stand-alone store in London, which joins the brand’s boutique at Harvey Nichols, launched in 2016. Helmed by the former model-turned-fashion designer and her husband, the company started in 2012 and has since gone on to become a multi-million dollar business.

Bing has built the brand around a mixture of wardrobe essentials and statement pieces for consumers wanting a timeless yet relaxed approach to style. She explains that the line is all about helping modern women who live a busy life to build an effortless look. “When I launched my brand my approach to fashion was see-now-buy-now. For us, it’s been the perfect way to run and it’s really working well," she says. "We drop styles every six weeks and I think the modern woman wants to shop this way. She doesn't want to see something on the runway and then wait six months to buy it.”

“We drop styles every six weeks. I think the modern woman wants to shop this way”

Anine Bing

The Mayfair store is architecturally inspired by Bing’s Scandinavian roots and will house the brand's collection of luxurious staples, elevated basics and statement party pieces. It will open with the new Holiday 2018 collection, which features a bold lineup for the party season. By harnessing the power of social media — in particular Bing’s personal influence — along with her fresh take on merchandising, Anine Bing has taken the industry by storm.

With another seven stores schedule to open next year, watch the designer share her insights into running a dynamic, global fashion empire.

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