Designers & Agents Digital is Back

Our partnership with d&a continues for a second season

Last season, Designers & Agents partnered with digital platform ORDRE in order to provide designers online access to core commerce functionality. ORDRE's like-minded sensibility, designer adjacencies and visual presentation made it the perfect fit for d&a brands.

The maiden voyage proved to be a positive one for participating brands and d&a is continuing this season to provide exclusive access on the ORDRE platform. International retailers are able to view collections from leading independent designers through a dedicated section of the platform, d&a digital. The d&a digital platform provides an essential point of connection with retailers by including virtual showroom, videos, order placement and lookbook spaces all supported by ORDRE’s cutting-edge technology.

Just as in its conventional shows, all collections featured on d&a digital are carefully curated and possess originality, creative integrity and exceptional quality. Showrooms may be accessed through ORDRE’s designer directory or through d&a digital.

Brands featured on d&a digital will be live beginning this week and include:





Mona Thalheimer

Antonello Tedde

For more information, please contact [email protected] or visit