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Take Five With MRZ

ORDRE gets the lowdown on work, life and brand-building from Italian designer Simona Marziali.

MRZ is an Italian brand founded in 2011 by Simona Marziali. Fresh from jointly winning Vogue’s Talents 2018 main award at Alta Roma in June, Marziali is crafting her own version of femininity nestled away from the fashion circuit in the seaside resort town of Riccione. Her garments exude wearability and a relaxed, elegant attitude. All are certified and proudly made in Italy: guaranteeing quality and wearable designs that are environmentally aware.

With over 150 stockists globally, (her main markets are Asia and Russia) her independent brand presents collections in Rome and Milan. With 10-15 percent growth each season, Marziali is now focused on opening her own store. ORDRE gets to know the designer in her own words.


I live in Riccione near the sea, but my studio and my company are in Fermo (about 160km away) and I spend a lot of time there. I work alone designing my collections, and I follow them in every single step — it's a huge job!

In my studio I have all my world: books, photos, colour charts, fabric samples, everything I need to create my collections. It is also a space that I have constructed for myself where I can find tranquility and peace. There are candles and incense everywhere, a large table, my pc (we are inseparable) and two comfortable armchairs.

  • Courtesy of MRZ
  • Courtesy of MRZ


I simply love fashion, I consider it a real form of art. It is a way of expressing what we have inside — feelings, ideas and so on — but translated into a combination of shapes and colours. It is a way of sending a message to those who are looking on.

My collections replicate my personal style and my conception of what elegance is today, researched but at the same time relaxed. It’s urban and sporty, precious and practical — a new definition of luxury that brings together innovation and sensuality.


I worked for over 12 years in the design departments of many companies, and from the very beginning I held a lot of responsibility. It was so useful to see from the inside of big maisons how a company works, both from a creative and business point of view, to then create my own brand. I feel like these experiences were one of the most important schools of life for me.

“Creativity is necessary but it’s not the only necessity for building a brand”


My brand’s growth came about naturally, without any particular strategies in the initial phase, and this is probably because I decided to create it at the right moment of my career. Creativity is necessary but it’s not the only necessity for building a brand.

I don’t have investors at the moment so things like the choice of the right global showroom is important, especially when considering the ongoing market changes. The next steps are investing in communication in order to increase visibility and sales, and developing my e-commerce.


At the moment, my personal life it is focused on work. However, I balance my life doing sport and hobbies like reading. I travel a lot both for work and as a individual passion. I’m a very dynamic person and fortunately my partner supports me and gives me the right serenity to dedicate myself to work.