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This week's digest: why social commerce isn't trending yet, Gucci and Versace are amongst the least transparent brands, more recycling can't fix the fundamental flaws with fast fashion and more...

  • How Eileen Fisher is building a fashion brand that will last generations. CREDIT: Yahoo
  • Is Video the future of online shopping? CREDIT: Business Of Fashion
  • Why social commerce isn't trending yet. CREDIT: Retail Dive
  • Stella McCartney: Only 1% of our clothing is recycled. CREDIT: The Guardian
  • Gucci and Versace are amongst the least transparent brands. CREDIT: Hypebeast
  • More recycling can't fix the flaws with fast fashion. Credit: Fast Company
  • Athleisure wear sales in China grow: CREDIT: South China Morning Post

How Eileen Fisher is Building a Fashion Brand That Will Last For Generations


"Eileen Fisher is one of the few fashion companies acting as a leader for sustainable innovation and a model for other companies to follow."

Is Online the Future of Online Shopping?

Business Of Fashion

"While platforms like YouTube don’t have integrated e-commerce, video-streaming apps in China, and now the West, are driving more and more sales."

Why Social Commerce isn't #Trending Yet

Retail Dive

"The channel has plenty of potential with young consumers, but disposable income in that demographic is low and retailers have yet to tackle issues of convenience."

Puma Prepares to Shift Production From China

***Financial Times ***

"German sportswear maker Puma is bracing itself for an escalation of the US-Chinesetrade spat by preparing to relocate production from China to other Asian markets should President Donald Trump impose tariffs on shoes and apparel made in China"

Stella McCartney: ‘Only 1% of Clothing is Recycled. What are we Doing?’

The Guardian

"The designer’s ethical stance made her a style outsider – but now the industry is finally catching up. Ahead of a new V&A show, she talks about reclaiming her name, the joy of nature and the trouble with fast fashion"

Gucci and Versace are Among the Least Transparent Brands


"While adidas and H&M score high in transparency."

More Recycling Can't Fix the Fundamental Flaws with Fast Fashion

Fast Company

"Everyone in fashion is talking about “circularity,” but just focusing on reuse isn’t enough to lower the industry’s massive carbon footprint."

Athleisure Wear Sales in China Grow, but as a Fashion Trend it is Still in its Infancy

South China Morning Post

"In a country where the pursuit of fitness only recently became fashionable, sportswear doesn’t yet double as work wear – but it may be only a matter of time in a market so new before role models, or KOLs, make it a popular trend"

5 Years on From the Rana Plaza Collapse, how Much has Actually Changed?

British Vogue

"Consumers may be more critical and brands more conscious, but a genuine long-term change means continual engagement."

Depop CEO: Solving 3 Big Promblems for Young Cool Shoppers


"Today 80% of Depop users are under 25-years-old, its users sold $230 million of clothing last year, and are on track to double that to $460 million in 2018."