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GOYA’s Kimberley Tecles-Byrom talks balancing timelessness and experimentation for a mono-product label.

“Spain has an aura of being frozen in time - from the architecture to the tiles,” says designer Kimberley Tecles-Byrom. “GOYA takes inspiration from that.” Ever since launching in 2015, she has been injecting a contemporary edge into the traditional menorquina silhouette for both men and women.

The Madrid-based label oozes that timeless Meditarranean elegance, so it’s naturally named after Tecles-Byrom’s Spanish-Mexican grandmother. Beyond taking aesthetic inspiration from Spain, she tells ORDRE that everything is produced around Valencia, “GOYA is 100% Spanish. It’s all made within a few mile radius, which reduces the air miles. I try to be as sustainable as I can, so for the packaging, I don’t use coloured dyes and we use organic cotton bags, and the rubber on the bottom of all the sandals is recyclable as well.”

“For the packaging, I don’t use coloured dyes and we use organic cotton bags, and the rubber on the bottom of all the sandals is recyclable as well”

Kimberley Tecles-Byromthis

Crafting a high quality product also encourages a conscious approach to consumerism, with GOYA designs worn year-in-year-out. As Tescles-Byrom explains, “For the warmer months, we obviously create with the classic sandal-need in mind. Whereas for fall, it fills more of a fashion space with evening styles made to be paired with tuxedos or long silk dresses.” And, thanks to having two collections annually (SS and AW), you can wear them all year round too.

Holding the classics throughout the year has proved a smooth move, according to Sharon Drijanski, owner of online store The Feathered which carries the brand: “All the styles are perfectly made… The classy slides sell really well here, they’re all seasons.” This savvy-approach to design stems no doubt from 10 years experience in the industry, including an impressive work history in consultancy and management for Loewe, McQueen and Net-A-Porter.

Among its calendar releases, GOYA recently launched a playa range with Selfridges at the body studio, selling at an entry price point. It was a really successful collaboration, Tescles-Byrom tells us, adding, “We had a great reaction with the website and obviously we were sold on Oxford Street so that was great exposure for the brand.”

GOYA’s also stocked at fellow UK retailer MatchesFashion, and The Feathered’s Drijanski reveals that GOYA are sold online to a worldwide customer base and to locals in-store at its Mexico City outpost. Across all lines, Tescles-Byrom has recognised some significant best-sellers like “shearling styles” or “high-quality suedes.”

Yet surely it’s challenging to keep a niche footwear brand fresh? “There’s always a desire for newness which is difficult with a mono-product brand,” she concedes. So I create fashion styles which often have their day then go to the markdown, but my more classic ones carry over,” Tecles- Byrom says. Going forward, Tecles-Byrom declares she is going to be more daring with male designs too.

“I tend to only create classics for men. Although, I’ve started introducing shearling options for men and leopard print fur, along with loads of colourways like lilac. It’ll appeal to the more adventurous men. I’m excited to see how it does.” And so are we. Here’s to a future of fashion-forward males donning furry GOYA sandals.

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