Tata Naka's Roman Holiday

The Tata Naka design duo delve deep into Roman and Greek mythology to inspire their SS’19 collection.

Hidden away in Mayfair, in an elaborately decorated room of Dartmouth House, Tata Naka SS’19 was shown on Monday afternoon. Perched on high marble plinths, as if statues themselves, models in gold stood out against the dark mahogany paneling of the hall. It was immediately clear to see that Roman and Greek emperors were the inspiration for the season for design duo Tamara and Natasha Surgulaze — who namecheck Augustus, Tiberius and Titus in their show notes.

It came in varying degrees of subtlety: from gold embroidered applique reminiscent of decorated armour, to the Roman busts printed in turquoise, charcoal, canary yellow, burgundy and peach tones. Togas, column dresses and tunics could be found throughout, alongside slightly more modern silhouettes that rounded out a very commercially viable, yet thematically simplistic collection.

The Surgulaze sisters are becoming known for their bright hand drawn prints and unfussy design aesthetic, and what they’ve delivered for SS’19 is just that. While some pieces could verge too close to costume (just add a laurel wreath and that’s Halloween sorted,) others were light and holiday-ready, which certainly wouldn’t be out of place on the beaches of… you guessed it.