Virtual Reality: Proenza Schouler's First Paris Show

Sit back, relax and let Proenza Schouler and ORDRE place you in the front row. Here within are the steps to watching the show in 2017's most advanced technology

To watch Proenza Schouler SS'18 in Virtual Reality on your headset:

Step 1: Ensure the device has a gyroscope; most modern phones have this feature! Have a headset ready to view with, we find the Homido Grab easy to use and very clear.

Step 2: ORDRE 360 footage is available to download here

Step 3: Download a player. For Android users 'Magic Virtual Reality' is recommended and you can find it in the Google Play store.

For iOS users Homido is recommended and you can find it in the iTunes store.

Step 4: Open the player and select the file you downloaded. Ensure the player is set to play a 360 file. Add your phone device to the Virtual Reality headset and watch away. The video contains high definition audio so please turn the sound up.