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Scottish menswear designer Charles Jeffrey discusses the inspiration behind AW’19, his desire to collaborate and the stockists that support him.

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY has quickly attracted a cult following, constructing a lively, expressive community around a brand which almost seems more subculture than business model. It’s easy to see why - Jeffrey’s daring approach, multidisciplinary aesthetic and charming, enigmatic persona have installed him as the figurehead of a new generation of London creatives eager for a new zeitgeist.

The industry gathered outside his latest runway during LFWM spoke volumes to that appeal. Art students to global retailers were all out in force, chancing another glimpse into the world of one of the UK’s most promising brands. He did not disappoint: AW’19’s runway featured a cast of Little Darlings inspired by J.M. Barries’ novel Peter Pan in a celebratory riot of plaid and chains that built to an ecstatic finish: red petals cascading from the balcony; bright young things dancing like no-one was watching.

“There’s so much effort and time put into making these clothes that for me it’s about showcasing all of that. People are congregating to see something beautiful and why not give it to them in a show?” Such theatricality has brought a buzz to the runway not seen in recent years, with the results to show for it: LOVERBOY’s enviable list of international stockists confirms Jeffrey is as much effective commercial operator as provocative auteur.

Watch his insights below.

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