Watch: Yazbukey

The designer behind Yazbukey chats to ORDRE about her playful world of plexi design.

Yazbukey is a vibrant accessories brand. In fact, Yaz Kurhan would have you believe the world is made up of combinations of accessories - which clothing and the rest merely punctuate. “The accessory takes centre stage. In fact, I hate the word accessory,” the extravagant designer tells ORDRE. “Clothing can be anything…but on top of that, the accessory brings the clothing to life, actually!”

This latest collection from Kurhan again cleverly communicates her playful design world. Through a deft and playful handling of material, form and colour, the Paris-based Istanbul designer, often called the ‘Queen of Plexi,’ showcases yet again why she continues to be a firm favourite with celebrities and influencers alike. “I like the idea of keeping it simple, but the shoes, hats, gloves, etc, all of this is as important than the clothing.”

Now, with a slew of impressive collaborations under her belt including Linda Farrow, Lacoste and Shu Uemura, the brand is expanding across other lifestyle segments - illustrating Kurhan’s keen eye for creative entrepreneurship. ORDRE talks to Yaz Kurhan on how Yazbukey’s statement clutches, earrings and necklaces are building a rapport with both retailers and revellers.

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