ORDRE is a luxury wholesale ecosystem that offers tools to innovate both the online and physical showroom. Using 360° technology in a variety of mediums, ORDRE captures the collections of the best designers in the industry and showcases them to the globe's most respected retailer network.


360° Online Showroom

Buyers can immerse themselves in 360° images of designer collections understanding fabrications, intricate details and silhouettes.

Using the ORB, ORDRE’s patented image-capturing mobile technology, a designer’s runway and commercial collections can be digitised in a matter of hours.


Drag to spin & review every aspect of a product

Super Zoom

Overcome the need to touch & feel; texture & embellishment perfectly captured


Front, back, side so every detail is visible

Superior Product Details

Style details, descriptions, fabrications, sizing & pricing in one consolidated place

Front Row Virtual Reality

ORDRE provides VR headsets to buyers within the retail network to allow them a front row seat at fashion shows and presentations globally from the comfort of their office when travel is not always possible.


Insights into the movement, drape, fit of a collection as well as the theatre of the live event

Simple Fit

ORDRE headsets are hand-held & don't require complicated headbands or earphones


The ORDRE VR experience is compatible with all modern smartphones

Download the App

Download the ORDRE VR App from the Apple App store or Google Play to your mobile device for live updates on the latest fashion shows

The Physical Showroom Revolutionised

ORDRE’s technology and digital assets are used in a designer’s physical showroom to create efficiencies in the traditional order taking process.

Life-size Touchscreens

See all looks in 360° on life-size screens. Save time & reduce the need to see all garments on real-life models

iPad Order Taking App

View collections in 360° at the rail; make selections, save or submit orders in real time whether online or offline

Digital Linesheets

Review & share collection details with buying teams during market

VR Experience

Buyers who miss the fashion show can sit front row in the showroom

Data Analytics

Over the duration of a seasonal campaign the ORDRE platform tracks the interactions between its retail network and individual designers. The resulting data analytics and metrics provide insights, often in real time, to develop and manage wholesale networks globally.

Buyer Engagement

Identify individual buyers who visit online showrooms to track their interactions & interest


Analyse product views & their relationship to confirmed orders

Seasonal Metrics Reports

Consolidate views across all product lines, retailers & territories


Integrate existing ERP, PLM & inventory management systems for enhanced data metrics reporting


ORDRE Live is the physical embodiment of all that ORDRE has to offer. The showroom takes place during Paris Fashion Week; it showcases ORDRE's innovative range of technology while presenting emerging designer stars.

Emerging Designers

Present collections using the full suite of ORDRE’s technologies

Platform Demonstrations

Get a glimpse into the ORDRE online showrooms & retail network

Digital Content

Experience the future of wholesale via 360° view images, video & VR


Insight into the ORB capture device, 360° high definition video cameras, life-size touchscreens, drones, iPad App & VR headsets